Thursday, March 31, 2011

7th week: Our own product. Catfish Popia (this is our 2nd try)

This week our group will retry our Catfish Popia and hope it will turn out much better. Other than that, we are using wanton skin too. So here's the thing...

Before the task:

Prepare all the ingredients for both recipes.

The ingredients are:

Meet my friend the Catfish.

Spring rolls skin (popia)
Wanton skin
Red and green capsicum (diced)
Onions (chopped)
Garlic (chopped)
Potatoes (diced and boiled)
Chives leaves (sliced)
Curry powder
Turmeric powder
Chili powder
All purpose flour

*Mix turmeric powder, curry powder and chili powder with water to make curry paste (save turmeric powder a little bit for marinating the catfish).

In addition, coconut milk.

During the task:

The procedure:

1. Clean the catfish and fillet them. Soak them with some lemon juice to remove the fishy odour.

2. Marinate the fillets with turmeric powder, salt, pepper, and flour (to make it more crispy).

3. Deep fry the fillets until they are cooked and the texture are crispy. Set aside and let it cool for a while.

4. Mash the fillets into chunks. Remove all the bones.

5. Saute onion, and garlic until they are fragrant. Be careful not to burn the garlic.

6. Add the curry paste and continue saute / stir the curry until they are a bit dry.

7.  Next, we put coconut milk, capsicums and the catfish. Season with salt and pepper.

* The finished catfish curry*

8. Put the filling onto the middle of the spring rolls skins and wanton skins. Shape them with your desire shapes.

*The popia and the wanton before we fry them. But, for the wanton, Chef's Zaid told to make a boat shape so we changed them into boat shape*

*Chef Zaid assisting us shaping the products*

9. Heat enough oil in a pan for deep frying and deep fry the popia and the wanton until they are golden brown.

*This is the outcome after we fried them*

For the Gingered Chili Sauce:

The ingredients:

Red chillies
Coriander leaves

The procedure:

1. Fry all the ingredients except sugar, salt, and vinegar with a little oil until they are browned.
2. Blend them in a food processor with some sugar, salt, and vinegar as you desired.

After the task:

*Assemble the product on a plate and serve with Gingered Chili Sauce*


There's nothing much to recommend but just for the sauce. We will substitute vinegar with lemon or lime juice because the sourness from the vinegar is to strong. Lemon and lime juice have their own sour and sweetness but they are not too strong.


To conclude, this time the popia and the wanton turns out pretty well but the sauce need to improve more.

Take Care!

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